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Tassi in Soft Pink

Tassi in Soft Pink
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Product Details

Well you know our passion for pink - and this Tassi is as pretty a pink as can be.

One of the most popular colours, Tassi Soft Pink is the perfect pastel baby pink!

Tassi Model

Tassi Soft Pink makes it easy for you to keep your hair away from your face.

Made of a comfortable stretch terry cloth, the Tassi goes on in three easy steps and gently lifts and holds your hair.

Unlike headbands, clips or turbans, the Tassi does not flatten, twist or mess up your “do,” so it’s perfect for protecting second-day hair styles too.

You’ll also love to use your Tassi while you’re washing your face, taking a bath, applying makeup or whenever you want your hair out of the way.

Fun and fashionable, and super soft, Tassi is simple, fast and easy to use for any hair length or style. Machine wash and dry and it’s ready to wear again!

Customer Reviews

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Rating: 10/10

Great Idea

What a totally brilliant idea! I have short hair and don't need to put my hair in the pouch part. But normal bands make my hair stick up in strange and not flattering places. This band is so gentle your hair couldn't mess. If you have longer hair you can tuck your hair at the back into the band which has room like a pouch effect.

Posted by: Donna Cooper

Submitted on: 26/03/2009

Rating: 10/10

Tassi is tops

I agree with Donna. A superb idea. Twisting towels and headbands just makes my fringe stick up. Tassi doesn't. Well done to Just Beauty Direct for finding this little gem. Just ordered another two, one for my Mum and a spare for me!

Submitted on: 04/05/2009