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BARE ESCENTUALS – Buff, Buff and Away……..

Posted on | May 29, 2007 | Comments Off

Just Beauty Direct Bare Escentuals Foundation(c)

We have all seen it – Meryl on QVC; for those of us lucky enough to go to the New year New You Event, the make up demos there, and for those of us who watch the US infomercials on line, the lady herself Leslie Blodgett. Seen what? Well, seen how they really do ensure that perfect, powder free, flawless finish from Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation powder.
The Secret?


Bare Escentuals Foundation looks like a powder. But unlike the properties that you would usually associate with a powder – like, say, talc, or flour, Bare Escentuals is in fact tiny pieces of blended crushed minerals from the earth – and so although it looks like a powder (which will not break down) Bare Escentuals foundation powder will meld into your skin, just as a liquid would.


You have to help it.


Buffing really is the key – not only how you do it (and what brush you use) but also for how long. Bare Escentuals’ Flawless Finish Foundation Brush and the Bare Escentuals’ Kabuki brush are designed to maximise the Bare Escentuals classic routine of ‘swirl, tap, buff’, which is the key to that smooth, flawless finish. You need a brush that has perfect powder pick up; which will draw the powder deep into the bristles of the brush. All the Kabuki Brushes sold by Just Beauty Direct are designed for this specific purpose. As the foundation powder is dispersed by the ‘swirling’ motion, it travels deep into the brush so that when you finally come to apply it, you will get maximum, but even, coverage.

Just Beauty Direct Ultimate Kabuki Brush Duo

Apply the brush to you face in the way that suits you – some start in the centre and work out – others start on the outside and work in. Whatever feels comfortable for you.

JBD Angled Face Brush

The buffing needs to be firm, but without applying so much pressure that you scratch your skin. The buffing action warms the face by gently increasing the circulation (you are not talking exfoliation here!). As you buff the friction, and the warmth, ensure that the foundation powder melds into your skin – but this does take a little time. Regular users recommend buffing for up to, and even over, 2 minutes, to ensure they achieve the perfect, flawless finish. How long it takes for you depends on your individual facial needs and the look you want to achieve in the time you have available. But, the next time you can take a moment to apply your make up, (as opposed to the slap and dash which my mornings are often made up of), take that moment to swirl, tap and buff, like you did when you first tried Bare Escentuals – then (perhaps doing just one side of your face) buff for a minute longer and have a look in the mirror. Notice any difference? The buff for another minute. Your cheeks should be softly radiant and perfectly camouflaged (without hiding your skin’s natural luminosity). And not only should it look good – but it should now last you all day.

Try it and see – and if you have any tips or hints for applying your BE, please let us know – your views, hints and tips are always appreciated.


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