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Bare Escentuals Wild Spirit – Faces of Fashion for Fall

Posted on | July 31, 2008 | Comments Off

We have been so impressed with these ‘mini’ kits from BE. I say mini, partly because of the size, and also partly because of the price point. But in fact these are the perfect size for BE – big enough to use and use and use, but not so huge that you get bored with them long before you run out.


And for the Fall (or Autumn as we like to call it) We have Bare Escentuals Wild Spirit – this is definitely the season (according to BE) for Woodsmoke and misty mauves – with the accent for eyes very firmly on the lavender/velvet purple mauve/ warm grey combination which is utterly wearable at any time, but maybe works particularly well as one counts down to boots and woolly tights. As I am sitting here in shorts and a T shirt, sweltering hot, I must admit I can feel a certain longing for chill and frost – I am ashamed to admit. But ONLY (for those who will moan at me) because I am typing this at 12.45am and I am afraid hot sticky nights are NOT my favourite time of year (unlike long summer days).

Back to the BE though – warm pink is added to cheeks with a pretty poppy peach shade of blush in Vintage Peach and Copper Rose Jessica Buxom lips is the perfect mini to create lips full of mellow fruitfulness.

Enough though – this fab collection is now at Just Beauty Direct so you can be ahead of the crowd. But for now, as it is the first of August, I am back to my bronzes and golds (at least for tomorrow anyway :))



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