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Smashbox O-Plump – Faultess Intuition

Posted on | April 27, 2009 | Comments Off

Lip Plumping made easy was how Jayne felt when she first tried Smashbox O-Plump, the third in the Smashbox ‘O’ family (following after Smashbox O-Glow (for cheeks) and O-Gloss (for lips). And it has fast taken its place with these two fantastics products as a cult favourite from this exceptional cosmetics range.

Smashbox O-Plump combines plumping benefits and a customized pink pout all into one gloss, and just like Smashbox O-Gloss this goes on clear and then reacts with your personal chemistry to create the perfect shade of gloss for your lips…. but that’s not all, it also has key ingredients to plump lips as it shades.

Smashbox O-Plump

But Just Beauty Direct are not alone in thinking this is a neat little product (which fits perfectly into a pocket or purse/bag – Fabulous Mag (the News of the World magazine) thinks so too.

In their article FINALLY! NO-MISTAKE MAKE-UP they look at the products that signal an end to tide-lines and clown cheeks. They focus on the new breed of products that adapt to your natural skin tone.

Make-up artist Afton Radojcic says

Intuitive make-up is becoming more popular because it limits your mistakes,” says . And because products adapt to your skin, you still look completely natural – like an enhanced version of yourself.

And to demonstrate this they take two simply stunning models, Lucy and Nonna, who, despite having completely different complexions, are wearing exactly the same make-up products, but with dramatically different results.

Stephanie Maylor says

Smashbox O-Plump,
The science bit: Using a goji berry complex, the gloss reacts with the pigment in your lips to turn them your own totally individual shade of pink – so the darker your lips, the deeper your colour will go. It also contains ginger mint to stimulate circulation and plump up your pout. Bonus!
How to use it: Apply a small amount of gloss to your lips, rub together for even coverage, and watch the colour transform. You’ll feel a slight tingling as the ginger mint gets plumping!


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