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Can a girl have too much (Smashbox) Lipgloss?

Posted on | May 2, 2009 | 2 Comments

The answer has got to be a resounding no!

For me, the need for different lipgloss is like the passion I had for collecting paper (in any format) when I was younger. Pads / loose paper / with squares (loved that stuff) pretty patterned notelets – you name it, I had a huge stash. No idea why but at the age of about 8, I loved the stuff.

Bizarrely this was replaced later by a desire (with friend Emma) to collect those paint colour charts that used to be handed out at decorating shops (this was before the days of the huge DIY stores). We would brazenly walk in and choose the different colours and, if challenged, would quickly say that they were needed by our respective parents who had a large house (each) and had asked us to get different colours so they could consider their respective decorating needs. How enterprising – and we had loads of them, which on wet Saturday mornings we would compare and contrast. I suppose you won’t be a bit surprised to know that my favourite colour was anything pink!


So I guess a happy ending to this story would be that this passion was nurtured into an exciting career in colour, fashion, design and interior decor?Well… um……not quite……A passion for make up and skincare followed (there is a link re colour – honest!) and Saturday afternoons were now spent in Woolworths and Boots gazing at Rimmel, Miners, Number 17 (Boots Number 7 seemed far too sophisticated) before (oh deep joy) Wendy started to do Avon and my so small pocket money (then Saturday job money) became instantly committed to that little glossy magazine and a fortnightly delivery which came wrapped in a paper bag stapled together with my name on a card.

Anyway – why the reminiscing? Well, I received our preview pack of the Smashbox Mini lipglosses the other day, and I am sitting here holding all eight of them like sweeties in my cupped hands. And the feeling I go was EXACTLY the thrill from the days of hoarding recalled above.

Gleeful feelings…..

Smiling about shopping
The colours are utterly wearable and suit every skintone – from sheer to shimmer, nude and natural to a little more depth of colour, but all absolutely lovely.My take on the colours….

  • Go is a shimmer sheer golden rosy peach
  • Pronto is a perfect Creamy nude (stunning with a smokey eye look)
  • Zip is a barely there nude – a very natural looking shine
  • Zoom is the colour of molten rapsberry sorbet and gives a ‘your lips but better’ pink sheen
  • Snappy is a baby pink – with a slight hint of silver shine
  • Rush is a golden sheen – a beautiful natural shade but shot through with shimmer
  • Glide is similar to Rush, but with a hint of peach to give a little warmth
  • Swift is the gloss with most colour depth – it is a beautiful sheer molten chocolate mauve shot through with gold. A dressier look of gloss and simply gorgeous.
  • All are 2mls so you get 16mls of gloss to mix and match, wear alone or over lip pencil for a more defined look (we are getting those lovely new Smashbox Nude lip pencils in next week) or layer over lipstick for the ultimate power pout. Either way, let me know if you get Gleeful Feelings over these glosses too… please say it isn’t just me :D

    Smashbox mini lipgloss
    This kit will be available exclusively in the UK at Just Beauty Direct from Tuesday 5th May
    (and if you read Marian Keyes take on Lipgloss below, then you know I am not alone…. :) )


    2 Responses to “Can a girl have too much (Smashbox) Lipgloss?”

    1. Jayne
      May 3rd, 2009 @ 6:22 am

      I forgot to say that they also taste rather nice – a little touch of vanilla (which also gives them a lovely fragrance)

    2. Alicia
      May 3rd, 2009 @ 8:43 am

      Love, love, love those colours. Can’t wait for you to get them