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The hottest summer beauty essentials

Posted on | May 27, 2009 | Comments Off

Just reading through some of the fantastic reviews os the new Summer products both here and in the US and was drawn to this excellent article by TODAY Style editor Bobbie Thomas, in which she focusses on what we need to do to our make up bags and our beauty routines to ensure that Summer is a dreamy, sweet season (a la those old Dairy Milk chocolate box ads) as opposed to a hot, sticky, flushed and flustered commute through the season.

The article says

 As we simplify our wardrobe and strip away extra layers of clothing, summer calls for a stronger focus on fabulous skin. From the beauty product you haven’t heard of, to exclusive breaking news on a wand of magic mascara, TODAY Style editor Bobbie Thomas shares the scoop on this summer’s beauty essentials.

It is a great article, not least of which because she refers to one of our favourite products, Smashbox Healthy FX foundation, saying

Makeup under a microscope Thanks to Hollywood, everyone is getting a picture-perfect face. Now that the technology behind film and television is so crystal clear, makeup companies are using new formulations with everything from reflective properties to optical blurring in order to hide imperfections. While these products are absolutely necessary for those appearing on HDTV (which sees six times better than the naked eye), they’re still natural looking in person as well. Smashbox Cosmetics designed a High Definition Healthy FX Foundation.

Smashbox Healthy FX foundation

We certainly like the light but effective coverage and the way the foundation gives the skin luminosity and glow, whilst retaining a natural finish. Plus of course the added SPF – not enough in the summer to be worn as your only protection, but certainly on the principle that ‘every little helps’ it’s good to know it is there.

I know we will post further on the magical Smashbox High Definition Concealer, as I haven’t stopped raving about it to everyone I meet. But for now, simply suffice to say that it is fantastic, worn alone, or with the wonderful Healthy Fx foundation (or any other foundation come to that).

Smashbox High Definition Concealer

And not only is Just Beauty Direct the ONLY place in the UK (at the time of writing) where you can buy the Smashbox High Definition Concealer, it is also the only place online where you can get the full range of all 13 shades of Smashbox Healthy FX foundation. But both and you will receive our current gift with purchase (which at the moment is a Full Size Smashbox Focal Point Mascara, although as ever this is subject to change/availability.


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