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Elizabeth Mitchell at Coco Eco

headline Coco Eco Lost star Elizabeth Mitchell recently did a photo shoot for the great Coco Eco Magazine.

The makeup (specifically the foundation) used by the makeup artist was Christopher Drummond Veludo Velvet Foundation. The colour used was Luz/Light. And look at that skin!

Now we know that colour matching foundation on the internet is not the easiest thing to do. That is why we are so delighted that Christopher, having the utmost confidence in his fantastic foundation, has created ……

Christopher Drummond Beauty and Alli Owens

Headline Alli Owens
There is something so inspiring about a woman who succeeds in a world where women do not usually make headlines.

Alli Owens, at the incredibly young age of 20 has done this and more. She is a second year ARCA driver, and is only 1 of 2 women in the field.

So what about beauty…… not something that Alli tends to worry about given her chosen field. but that is not to say that when the need arises she’s not up for some TLC to turn her from nice and natural into a stunning natural beauty.

Well Christopher Drummond, as part of a team of stylists had the pleasure of undertaking the make-over of Alli on June 3rd. And boy did she make an impression on Christopher, as you can read in his blog.

Christopher used his own organic line of beyond mineral make up Christopher Drummond Beauty to give……..

For beauty which doesn’t shine through – radiant skin without shine

Smashbox Anti-shine compact The buzzwords for beauty are invariably ‘luminous’, ‘glowing’, ‘ radiant’, ‘shimmer’, ‘highlight’. Why?

Well, because these words and similar, go someway to giving confidence that a beauty product is going to work, to give us a complexion that radiates health and vitality.

The word ‘matte’, on the other hand, can imply flat and dull, which, even for oily skins, is not the look you are after.

But what if you really don’t want to shine and yet still want…….