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Smashbox Beauty Guru 2008

Just Beauty Direct simply loves the confidence and innovation of the entrants to this unique competition. I guess the more cynical might say that it is fabulous idea to get your fans to provide the inspiration for the next ‘super product’ but to be honest, when you look at what has come from Smashbox in the last few years

Postal Strikes

Well, we are so sorry to say that the hoped for resolution to the postal dispute did not come about and as a result further strike action is now underway. The attached is taken from the Press Association website and I also attach the link to the Royal Mail website. Postal workers across the UK […]

Smashbox Guru Question

Question Just had a quick question to ask you about the Guru Softlights! I’ve seen pics of it and it looks quite dark, does it go on quite sheer or is it quite bright?

Questions and Queries

We get asked a lot of questions – as you can imagine. It is often difficult to imagine what something looks like / feels like / how sheer or shimmery / will it suit fair /light / medium / deep skintones when you don’t have physical access to it. So I thought it might be […]