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Anyway – to clear some space we are having a SALE…. :D at the moment there are three categories – 15% 25% and 50% off – and we will be adding some special purchase items on there too. There are over 200 items at the last count :)

Smashbox Primer Pumps – past their primer?

Any regular user of Smashbox knows that irritating moment in the life of a Smashbox Primer when all of a sudden, the pump stops working. Advice (from Donna the Smashbox Guru herself :) ) was to bang the bottle down hard on a flat (and hopefully not too delicate) surface, which (one assumes) would then ‘clear the blockage’ and lo and behold the pump would start working again….for a short while….

Smashbox Beauty Guru 2008

Just Beauty Direct simply loves the confidence and innovation of the entrants to this unique competition. I guess the more cynical might say that it is fabulous idea to get your fans to provide the inspiration for the next ‘super product’ but to be honest, when you look at what has come from Smashbox in the last few years

Faking It …… with Smashbox O Gloss

Fake it!!
Beauty Confidential Mail Online Columnist Elsa McAlonan recommends that you fake naturally glossed pink lips by sweeping Smashbox’s O-Gloss Microcirculating Lip Gloss over your pout.
She explains….

Smashbox Jet Set Gel Liner – Vogue Review

Well we know we like it…..
And we know you like it……
And now we know that Vogue likes it too!
They say…

SELF 2008 Natural Beauty Awards – Smashbox Starburst and Ojon Winners

Smashbox and Ojon (plus many more of course) were winners in the SELF Magazine’s ninth annual healthy beauty awards! 88 winners were chosen from over 1,000 new products, tested by readers of the magazine. They Say SELF’s beauty team gathered every one of the 1,072 products that companies launched over the past year (cubicle chaos!), […]

If you’re missing Daniel from Smashbox……

This is sooooo last year No, not really, although it was shot last year – we know this as the most recent release on the Smashbox shelves was the TokiDoki collection. In particular Daniel recommends one of Jayne’s favourites (well….it’s pink :)) the Dolce Vita softlights. But what’s interesting about this (for those of us […]

Smashbox 6 products for a perfect flawless face

Another You Tube video focussing on six classic Smashbox products. Application tips for… Smashbox Primer Light Smashbox Healthy FX Smashbox Camera Ready Concealer Smashbox Photo Op SMashbox Lip and Lid Primer Smashbox Brow Tech. A short, but informative make over from a friendly artist. (I really must find out their names)

Smashbox Complexion Tips

There are some great Smashbox videos on You Tube. I Know we posted a few links to some of the really good ones on Shoppingtelly.com prior to the crash – will see if I can find those again. In the meantime a few more Smashbox ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ from the Handsome Hank from Smashbox (check […]

Smashbox Primer Light – Lighten Up for Summer?

Well no, it’s not really new as such, Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light has been at Just Beauty Direct since Autumn last year. It is also fast becoming one of our top sellers. So what makes it different from the classic, the original Photofinish Primer? Well first up it is designed for those with oily or […]

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